Blockchain Commons Releases First #SmartCustody Book

Your digital assets are more vulnerable you might think!

Following on the success of its #SmartCustody workshop held in early 2019, Blockchain Commons has released #SmartCustody: Use of Advanced Cryptographic Tools to Improve the Care, Maintenance, Control, and Protection of Digital Assets, by Christopher Allen & Shannon Appelcline, an 186-page book detailing “the use of advanced cryptographic tools to improve the care, maintenance, control, and protection of digital assets.” It’s what you need to read to ensure that you don’t lose your Bitcoins, your Ether, or your self-sovereign identity, and it’s available for free download from Blockchain Commons or as a paperback via the Lulu Print-On-Demand service at their minimal price of $13.50.

This first #SmartCustody book focuses on a risk-modeling exercise, which teaches digital-asset holders to itemize their assets, assess vulnerabilities, and resolve those problems. It does so using the foundation of a robust 14-step cold storage self-custody scenario and a set of 27 personified adversaries who may be trying to steal your digital goods.

Though this first book is focused on a self-custodian scenario, it also discusses fiduciary duties and demonstrates how the risk-modeling exercise may be used for the more complex scenario of a family fund. Future #SmartCustody releases will expand on dual-control, multisignatures, and other #SmartCustody technologies required for custodianship models of that sort.

#SmartCustody was refined through two years of peer-review with experts in the field, including contributors to open-source project such as Bitcoin Core, blockchain technology companies like Blockstream, Ledger, and Tokensoft, and a variety of blockchain attorneys. It was further updated based on feedback from our Mountain View workshop. If you’re a small Bitcoin holder, a cryptocurrency trader, or a fund manager, #SmartCustody can offer you procedural techniques and adversarial insights to improve the security of your digital assets.

Authors Christopher Allen and Shannon Appelcline are both experienced in the field of digital security and digital identity. Christopher Allen is a technologist who worked with Netscape to develop SSL and co-authored the IETF TLS internet draft that is now at the heart of secure commerce on the web. More recently, he was Principal Architect at Blockstream and the founder of the Rebooting the Web of Trust digital-identity workshop. Today, he is the co-chair of the W3C Credentials CG. Shannon Appelcline is a technical writer who has regularly written for blockchain and cryptography companies such as Bitmark, Blockstream, and Certicom. He is also the editor-in-chief for the Rebooting the Web of Trust event and has shepherded over 50 papers to publication.

The free release of this first #SmartCustody book was made possible by our sponsors. Thank you to: sustaining patrons Digital Contract Design and HTC Exodus; project sponsors Adamant Capital, Beam Privacy, Catallaxy, Ledger, Unchained Capital, and Winstead; in-kind sponsors Blockstream, Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning by Pamela Morgan, and CryptoTag; and other financial contributors Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Gabriele Domenichini; Frederic Meyer; and David Strayhorn. To keep future editions of #SmartCustody free, you can contribute to Blockchain Commons through our BTCPay Site.

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