June TweetStorms on #SmartCustody Adversaries, 1-on-1 Advice, Supporting Smart Custody Book v2

On June 3, 2020, Christopher Allen sent out a letter announcing a month of #SmartCustody posts on adversaries and talking about Blockchain Commons’ plans for v2 of the book.

Here is an archived copy:

Thank you for your past interest in my #SmartCustody project. If you attended one of my meetups, or participated in one of my workshops, or read my book, I hope it helped you to improve the security of your digital assets. The whole point of this project is to help the cryptocurrency community to identify which dangers are the most likely to impact you and your digital assets.

If you haven’t read our book, then the good news is that it is still freely available thanks to the generosity of the Patrons and backers of v1.0. You can read it as a free PDF or you can buy an at-cost print edition from Lulu for $13.50.

One of the most unique elements of our #SmartCustody approach is Adversarial Analysis. It’s a new methodology meant to make risk-modeling less overwhelming and more approachable. Our adversaries are anthropomorphized dangers, which helps us to better understand their motivations. With those motivations in hand, we can then make assessments less emotionally. Though some things might scare us when we consider them from afar, when we look at them more closely, we can determine whether they actually are threats or not, and how much attention we should give them.

This month I’m offering a daily series of Tweetstorms talking about all of the adversaries we describe in the book. Please join me and offer your own stories and experiences (and tell us what we’re missing): https://twitter.com/Christophera starting at https://twitter.com/ChristopherA/status/1267560481855639553.

If you need more than that, I am personally available to help you assess the safety of your digital assets. I am now offering a 50-minute personal Zoom call for $500 where I can help you by looking over your own digital asset scenario, your wallet hardware & software choices, answer your questions, and offer my my own #SmartCustody suggestions for how you might incrementally improve the safety of your digital assets.

We are also looking to produce V2 of the book this year, to continue to support the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities as they evolve. For instance, last year we were reluctant to include any multi-sig scenarios as they were not mature. This has now changed. Our new edition of the #SmartCustody book will reorganize the text to make it more approachable, expand our options for more kinds of hardware wallets, introduce scenarios for multi-sigs, and cover the use of the Gnosis Ethereum smart contract. (See our planned table of contents for v2 of the book.)

I invite you to join the many individual sponsors of #SmartCustody who helped make V1 of the book free to the public, including Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Gabriele Domenichini, Frederic Meyer, David Strayhorn, Mark S. Miller, Sean Moss-Pulz, Glenn Willen, Alexandre Linhares, and Trent McConaghy, as well as many small anonymous sponsors. If you are a part of the cryptocurrency industry, I invite you to join last year’s corporate patrons including Bitmark, Digital Contract Design, HTC Exodus, Adamant Capital, Beam Privacy, Catallaxy, Ledger, Unchained Capital, Winstead, Blockstream, Empowered Law, and Cryptotag.

You can help us make v2 available for free to the public by helping us meet our goal of 5 BTC dedicated to the #SmartCustody project; you can donate now via BTCPay. Even better, we would like to encourage you to become an ongoing monthly Sponsor of Blockchain Commons through the new Github Sponsors Program, which supports not only #SmartCustody but also other other projects intended to improve blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure, such as LetheKit, Bitcoin Standup, or our forthcoming FullyNoded 2 open-source reference multisig bitcoin wallet for iOS.

As a new offering for for business and service providers, if you donate 1 BTC, or sign up as Sustaining Patron at GitHub ($1000/mo), we will accept a one-page non-bleed informative flier about your #SmartCustody related business or services for inclusion in the next edition of our book. You will be listed as a Patron and, where appropriate we will list your product or service as an option. (But even if you’re not a business, or you want to sponsor us with a smaller amount, we encourage you to do so!)

We would love to get started (and perhaps even finish) #SmartCustody v2.0 this year. We hope you’ll join us to help make it happen!

Thank you for your support of Blockchain Commons: by contributing to the commons, we can make blockchain technology better for everyone.

Christopher Allen Executive Director, Blockchain Commons

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